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PVC Pipe Making Machine - Extrusion Line

Oriplas is a professional PVC pipe extrusion machine manufacturer which can supply good quality PVC pipe manufacturing machine with affordable prices in China. The PVC pipe extrusion line is mainly used to produce PVC pipes with all kinds of diameter & thickness that are used for water supply and drainage as well as cable laying. This machine is made up of twin screw extruder, vacuum tank, haul-off unit, stacker etc. The extruder and haul-off unit machine are controlled by imported AC variable frequency device. The vacuum pump and the motor of the motor of the haul-off machine are both of high quality. The production line features reliable function and high efficiency. Oriplas can provide all kinds of dies according to customers’ requirements. Oriplas can be you reliable PVC pipe manufacturing machine supplier in China.

Water Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

Model: SZY-PVC
Application: Water, Gas Supply
Material: PVC, MPP
Type of Extruder: Twin Screw Extruder
Type Pipe Diameter(mm) Extruder Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw)
SZY-PVC32 20-32 SZYZ65/132 205-300 104
SZY-PVC63 20-63 SZYZ65/132 205-300 104
SZY-PVC160 63-160 SZYZ65/132 205-300 100
SZY-PVC250 75-250 SZYZ65/132 205-300 110
SZY-PVC315 200-315 SZYZ80/156 300-400 180
SZY-PVC450 200-450 SZYZ80/173 450-500 245
SZY-PVC630 315-630 SZYZ92/188 650-750 350

Applications for PVC pipe

PVC solid wall pipe is widely used in municipal water supply, drainage pipes, electrical and telecommunication protective casing and other fields. The pipes produced by our pipe making machine have good tensile and compressive strength; excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and anti-biting.
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