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Which PP High Speed Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line is Suitable for Your Business?

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When you talk about a pipe production business, there are essential factors that should be considered. These factors will serve as guide when making your choice of the right pipe extrusion lines. These factors include the efficiency of the machine, the sized of the machine, calibrations which helps to ensure accuracy of the dimensions during pipe production, the model and quality of the machine, maintenance procedure and more.

Construction is one of the engines of any economy. The tubes and profiles are undoubtedly essential components in many of the works that surround us. 

High Speed Water Supply PP pipes and profiles

For the manufacture of High Speed Water Supply PP pipes and profiles you can use single screw and twin screwpipe extrusion line, depending on the yields you want to achieve and the materials you want to use. Every business looks out for cost-effective production and product quality, as well as an offer of machines with availability of various spindle sizes.

PP High Speed Water Supply Pipe

double spindle

As for the double spindle, manufacturers offer parallel and conical double spindle machines, in many cases also co-extruders. Other features to look out for when purchasing a pipe extrusion line are the low wear of the construction and drive elements, a long service life of the process unit, high process safety and easy maintenance.

Extrusion of tube and profile

The extrusion is based on an extruder with a cylinder and spindle design suitable for the type of material to be processed. It is very common for pipes to use PVC, although polyethylene pipe is becoming more frequent and even plastic composite tubes with aluminum are used. 

Speed is one of the factors that is increasingly valued as it affects the efficiency of production as well as the outcome of the entire business. Window profiles can now be manufactured at a speed of 6 m / min, to which we must add the possibility of working at that speed in a two-way process. That is, with an extruder it can be producing twice 6 m / min.

When choosing the water supply pipe extrusion line for your business it is important to consider the head. This is what forms the plastic when leaving the extruder. Its shape should be adjusted to the dimensions of the tube or profile required. The head can be a model with mandrel holder, with spiral mandrel, with lateral feeding. Each of these designs provides a different flow.

However, to ensure the accuracy of the dimensions of the product, there should be calibrations on the PP pipe making machine. Calibration performs the function of providing the tube with the specified diameter and the circular shape that the product requires.

The exit movement of the profile or the extruder tube should have a shot, which applies a constant tension or stretch to the material so that it is always in motion. Finally, depending on the flexibility of the product, a cutting or winding unit prepares the product for distribution.

When choosing the cutting system of the pipe extrusion line, the wall diameter and thickness, the raw material used, the shape and quality of the cut and the length of the cut must be taken into account.

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